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      kaven han

      UEmo deisgn


      - Ninth China's design industry Youth Award winners and awarded a certificate

      Adobe TOP - one of the leader and awarded a certificate

      - works included in the Italy National Industrial Design Association Series



      - New Zealand GOUW designer platform included

      China - Web Design Alliance 2010-11 China ten "

      - NEWWEBPICK, the world's leading electronic design magazine, recommended by the designer and web site.

      - the case is included in the NEWWEBPICK electronic magazine (twenty-ninth)

      - European and American CSS design awards cssdesignawards award works

      - one of the 35 prominent web sites selected by the U. S. Tympanus in the Internet (which, China stands alone)

      - 2012, the world's most authoritative Awwwards selected 365 global best CSS website, through the international assessment of the layers of screening, excellent art guest (UElike) website was selected, and the highest award of the review.


      The judges

      - station host computer desktop wallpaper cool Sibutramine furniture design activity design of judges

      - 2014-2015 Chinese Web Design Alliance design panel



      - one of the Photoshop creative books, a senior designer, and a senior designer.



      - invited to Fetion design guidance lectures

      - invited to quack video community design guidance lectures

      - invited to the creative workshop to design and guide the lecture



      Zeng Frasers web designer senior class instructor



      - Excellent Culture Communication Co., Ltd. founder

      - founder of UE design exchange platform

      - UEmo founder




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